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About Jason: About Jason: Jason is a game designer, entrepreneur, inventor, and artist. He is the founder of Monstrous Company, At Monstrous he leads teams developing immersive entertainment for iPhone, Wii, Facebook, and other new media platforms.

Previously, Jason co-founded Roxor Games, where he led the development of open-source based arcade systems, created the first music game published by RedOctane, and managed remote product manufacturing in Korea and China.

Jason has developed video games, realtime 3D graphics, and virtual world software since the early 90s. He invented one of the first PC-based virtual actor systems for Compaq. At Origin Systems he developed simulation infrastructure for Ultima Online 2. In addition, Jason developed a Python-based scripting system for the Sony Playstation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube for Kalisto USA. Jason has also consulted on the development of toys -- a handheld music game, a RFID-based game, and the first viral card game -- as well as orchestrated live events for alternate reality games for nDreams and Sony.

Companies I've worked for
Electronic Arts; Origin Systems; Roxor Games

Schools I've attended
University of Houston; Mediamatic